2017 Budget discussions begin!


Tuesday, August 16, 2016 – 6:30 p.m.

Dodge City Beef

Call to order – President Dave Pflumm

 Secretary – Nancy Austin

-          Approval of minutes from July 19 board meeting.

 Treasurer’s Report – Sara Michaels & Denise Cunningham

-          Monthly and YTD report

-          Dues collection update – liens


 Architectural – Tony Mendez & Mark Hoelting

 Entrances – Denise Cunningham

-          Lorax Design Group will present the final entrance concept design for board approval

 Lake& Dam – Denise Cunningham

-          Summary of committee meeting on August 11

 Legal – Dave Pflumm – update on easement filings with Johnson County

              Nancy Austin –

-          Update on process for dues increase

-          Proposed contract with McCord for silt pond grading and seeding

 Recreational Facilities –

-          Playground mulch

-          5-year plan

-          Non-residents regularly using the pool & bringing their own guests

-          Cabana water fountain removal & repair of women’s room faucet



                Discussion of 2017 budget.

  Homeowner Forum – Residents may address the board about any neighborhood issues at this time.