Architectural Restrictions & Limits on Garage/House/Basement/Estate Sales

You MUST get approval from the Architectural Control Committee BEFORE making any modifications to the exterior of your home!  This includes, but is not limited to:

-          Roofing                                                -    Gazebos

-          Siding                                                   -    Play sets

-          Painting                                               -    Trampolines

-          Replacement windows                        -    Rain barrels

-          Decks                                                    -    Basketball goals

-          Fences                                                  -    Retaining walls

-          Room additions

 If the change is on the exterior of your home, it is subject to ACC approval!  And yes, the board has the authority to bring your project into compliance with our Restrictions.  To save yourself from a possibly expensive error, before you begin your project, contact:

 Tony Mendez                     OR                         Mark Hoelting

913-710-5989                                                     913-208-7687                  



The city of Shawnee limits garage sales to two per year. If you are participating in both our spring and fall neighborhood sales, that is your maximum allowance for the year.

 According to our Bylaws, moving sales, basement sales, and estate sales, etc.,  MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE by the Board of Directors.  The board reserves the right to shut down any unauthorized sales in Lakeview.  To request approval, contact Nancy Austin ( or 847-254-6839) at least two weeks in advance of your requested sale dates.

 Thank you for your cooperation!