Maybe - just maybe - spring is finally making an appearance here in Lakeview. No time like the present to clean out those closets and basements and get ready for our annual spring garage sale!  We cannot have the sale the weekend before the Tidy Town pickup this year because of Easter, so with a Facebook vote, residents chose the first weekend in May.

Thursday - Saturday
May 2-3-4
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

(maximum 5 bulky items)
Saturday, April 27
Have items on the curb by 7 a.m.

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The board has been working on a fair and equitable policy regarding rentals in Lakeview Estates.  The first draft of the the proposed rules was mailed to you with your dues invoices on November 16, and we had good discussion and helpful suggestions from residents at the Annual Meeting on December 4.  As stated in the letter you all received in November, per our Restrictions, rentals are not prohibited at this time in Lakeview.  However, the Board has dealt with several issues over the past year that are concerning to us, especially the prospect of hotel-like rentals and unknown people having access to our recreational facilities. Thus we have instituted the following rules that are effective immediately: 


  1. Effective February 25, 2019, when leasing a residential unit in Lakeview Estates, the unit owner must notify the Board of Directors of the rental by submitting a completed “Notification of Rental” form along with a copy of the rental agreement.*

  2.  For existing rental agreements in effect prior to February 25, 2019, the unit owner must immediately submit a completed “Notification of Rental” form and a copy of the lease to the Board of Directors for their records.*

  3.  Each lease agreement, renewal, and/or extension shall be in writing, and the unit owner must supply a copy of the signed agreement to the Board within one week of signing along with a completed “Notification of Rental” form.Said form will contain the name or names of the tenant or tenants, including a listing of all people who will reside at the premises, their email addresses, home and work telephone numbers, and the vehicles they currently drive. 

  4. The unit owner will keep the Board informed of his/her contact phone number and email address during the term of the lease.

  5. Any type of “For Rent” sign is prohibited in the yard, along the street, in a window, or attached to any part of the home or building. 

  6. Unit owners are strongly encouraged to perform background checks on all adult tenants (age 18 and over), specifically checking for felonies and sexual offenses.

  7. No unit or part thereof shall be rented or used for transient or hotel purposes which shall be defined as rentals of less than one (1) year’s duration.

  8. No lease may be for less than the entire residential unit. Multiple leases/multi-family rentals are not permitted. Rental of a portion of a unit to roomers or boarders is not permitted.

  9. The number of people living in the unit is limited to two (2) people per bedroom. Each bedroom must have legal egress.

  10. Owners are required to provide tenants with copies of the Association’s governing documents and rules prior to signing a rental agreement. This includes the Restrictions, the Declaration, the Bylaws, Recreational Facilities Rules, Additional Lake Rules, and these Rental Rules. The statement “Tenant has received copies of and has read and understands all Lakeview Estates Homes Association governing documents and rules, and tenant agrees to abide by said governing documents and rules” must be included in the rental agreement. 

  11. Breaches by a tenant of the restrictions, rules, or city ordinances are a breach of the lease agreement. Owners are required to take corrective action against a tenant for breach of rules up to and including eviction. 

  12. Notwithstanding the existence of a rental agreement, the unit owner shall remain liable for all obligations, including, without limitation, the payment of dues, fines, and enforcement fees and charges. The owner will also remain liable for any and all repairs of damage caused by a renter to another residential unit, as well as the damage to any and all Association property (“common areas”), including but not limited to the pools, dock, sport courts, beach, lake, and dam.

*Email to request a "Notification of Rental" form, or reply to this email.  The forms will be available on the website under "Forms" in the near future.

Please contact any board member if you have any questions.  Our contact information is on the website.


Lastly, if you have upheavals in your sidewalks or find potholes on your street, please report them to the city as soon as possible.  The potholes by the Widmer entrance were reported a few weeks ago and are already repaired. To get on the list for sidewalk and/or pothole repairs, call Shawnee Public Works at 913-742-6008 or email  Visit the city's website to report problems directly:   You can also use the "See,Click,Fix" app from your cell phone.

Upcoming events:
Board meeting: Tuesday, March 19, 6:30 p.m.
Board meeting: Tuesday, April 16, 6:30 p.m.
Happy Easter: April 21
Tidy Town: April 27
Garage Sale: May 2-3-4
Pool Opening: Saturday, May 18
Board Meeting, Tuesday, May 21